Lou Steinmetz

Louis Carl Steinmetz

DOB: 9/24/1965

2180 West State Road 434
Apt 1130
Longwood, Fl 32779

Lou Steinmetz has been charged and found guilty on numerous charges of distribution of worthless checks and various other financial frauds.

Several Cases

Case No 2009-MM-007261-A
Case No 2008-CA-008368

Against Lou Steinmetz business interests, ALL AMERICAN TEAM CONCEPTS LLC, the following cases he was found guilty
Case No 09-CA-8102-16-L

Details can be viewed online at the Seminole County Clerks Office – search for Steinmetz here.

Case No 2009-MM-003400A

Defendant, Louis Carl Steinmetz, was changed with three counts of Worthless Check – Payment on Account and one change of Obtaining Property by Worthless Check. The defended enter pleas of Nolo Contendere (plea of no contest) and was adjudicated guilty for all charges and Steinmetz was placed on supervised probation for a period of three years with special conditions including 256 hours of community service with the Alternative Community Service Work Project. Steinmetz has also been ordered to pay restitution to the toll of $220,000 dollars.

Case No 2009-MM-011998A

Defendant, Louis Carl Steinmetz, was again charged with Worthless Check – Payment on Account. Defendant was assessed a fine of $500 dollars plus court costs.

Case No 2008-CA-008368

Defendant, Louis Carl Steinmetz, came to a settlement agreement with the plaintiff. The agreement stipulated that the plaintiff recovers a total of $413,300 dollars from Steinmetz with an interest rate of eighteen percent per annum.

Case No 09-CA-8102-16-L

Defendant is All American Team Concepts LLC, a business interest of Lou Steinmetz. Defendant was found guilty.

Fraud's in the Millions

Lou Charles Steinmetz has defrauded numerous local business leaders of sums in excess of a million dollars with promises of repayment to some going on for 18+ months. Recently, Mr. Steinmetz checked himself into a mental health clinic due to the 'stress’ that is caused by these various judgments against him. Currently, it is rumored that a number of new lawsuits are underway for Mr. Steinmetz. Perhaps he will need to find himself 'checked back in’ to whatever golden lilied 'mental health’ vacation home he is in.

Family Wealth and Respect

Mr. Steinmetz is not a man lacking in resources. With money provided by his father, in a 'trust', Mr. Steinmetz is more than capable of making good on his debts.

Charles P Steinmetz, a well-respected Central Florida businessman, has allowed his son Louis C Steinmetz (named after his father, no doubt) to run amuck among the Central Florida Business Community. It appears that his father continues to rescue him from his legal troubles – but why doesn’t his father help the good business people of Central Florida by honoring his sons debts? The money is certainly there!

In 2005, Charles P Steinmetz sold Middleton to Sunair for $50 Million in cash plus stock and promissory notes. In 2008, Sunair Services Corp brought Mr. Charles P. Steinmetz back on as the CEO. More information can be found here and more information on Sunair and Middleton Pest Control can be found here.

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